Connect to the place you lead from.

March 21-22 San Francisco, CA
An immersive conference for culture leaders and influencers.
I deeply appreciated the vision and key messages expressed in this forum; connection, caring, and consideration. Leading with humanity is about taking the time to listen and learn, and Live Grey is an organization that lives and breathes this ethos.
Elana Weinstein, Organizational Development Partner, Google
Life@Work was the punch of inspiration I have been looking for as an HR professional. The content and conversations were rich, authentic and left me with more than enough to chew on and take back to the office.
Nawal Fakhoury, Employee Experience Lead, Linkedin
What I've connected with is really authentic relationships that I didn't necessarily believe were going to be the outcome of a 2-day event.
Amy Toppen, Sr. Director of Human Resources, SoulCycle
It was serious business, but without being at the expense of serious fun and genuine human connection.
Joseph White, Director of Workplace Strategy, Design & Management, Herman Miller
It was honest, authentic, and powerful. There was a spirit of kindness and collaboration and support among all who attended.
Susan Lee, Head of People, Warby Parker

Expand your capacity to solve real problems.

Connect and conspire with your people.

Immerse and experiment with new ways of working.

Nourish the leader inside of you.

Expand your Capacity

Gather actionable tools from leading edge thinkers and practitioners.

Life@Work brings together today’s most relevant and cutting edge people who work on work.

Our two days together are structured as a learning journey, designed to illuminate the art and science of leadership in the 21st century. We work with presenters to format their content into a highly usable format that you can bring into your own work.

Connect and Conspire

Go deep with 20 of your peers and connect with another 200.

Life@Work is structured in a cohort model. Organized in “teams” of 20, you will move through the experience with a select group of peers.

Participants are assembled in teams where they can foster intimacy and share their experiences. These teams partner with other teams and larger groups for presentations from speakers, small group work, and exercises of all kinds. Cohorts are a place to come back together to discuss ideas and integrate experiences over the course of the journey.

Immerse and Experiment

Embody new ways of working together.

The entire Life@Work experience is carefully designed around reformatting our ways of being together. From the moment you arrive you will have opportunities to play, think and feel, differently. Discover new possibilities for yourself, your teams, and your company.

Nourish Yourself

Find a home for the part of you that cares deeply.

Rekindle your love for the people you work with, the work you do, and for yourself. Life@Work builds containers for intimacy and genuine human connection with people who understand you. Leave feeling supported, connected, and cared for.

Life@Work was one of those rare gatherings that combined intellectual stimulation with real relationship building.
Bob Gower, Org Design Consultant, The Ready
Live Grey created such a thoughtful program, blending elements that were super informative, truly inspiring, and genuinely heartfelt.
Emily Crooker, Project Officer, Kering Americas
Life@Work provided me with the opportunity to open up to a group of like-minded peers and share ideas and challenges that are so important to how we work today.
Carrie McComb, VP of Talent, Wyzant
Life@Work Hudson Valley and the Live Grey team curated a terrific group and provided the conditions that allowed us to explore the ideas, questions, and possibilities that can impact the lives of others for the better.
Adam Stoltz, Managing Director, Workplace Experience & Strategy, Transwestern
Being able to engage in these ideas reminds how fundamental they are to what it means to be human and it makes me want to lead by example even more.
Emiliya Zhivotovskayak, CEO and Founder, The Flourishing Center
It was completely fascinating learning more about the psychology and then as leaders how we're able to create that for self as well as teams.
Nawal Fakhoury, Learning and Employee Experience Manager, LinkedIn
Seeing a genuine spirit and desire to actually move business, organizations to a different way of being is very inspiring and hopeful.
Brett Gaudin, Head of People & Culture, Tegu

Event Topics

  • Culture Transformation Stories

    From disconnected and mechanical to heartful and enlivened, we will hear from culture leaders that turned the tide within their organizations and learn first hand from their challenges and triumphs.
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

    In our global age, we have more and more opportunities to work alongside people from backgrounds different from our own. Together we will explore how to create psychological safety and cultures of belonging in our workplaces.
  • Radical People-First Ideas that Work

    We are moving from an extractive model of value to an emergent model. Discover just how much more people can give when you empower them to learn, lead, and create. Learn from leading practitioners about making people your company's first priority.
  • New Ways Teams are Working

    From flat hierarchies to Holacracy, from remote teams to the freelance economy, organizations large and small are disrupting traditional ways of getting work done. We will experiment with different techniques and learn about the most productive new ways of working.
Connect with 250 culture conscious leaders from around the country. Practice new ways of working. Connect to the place you lead from.
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San Francisco, CA

March 21—22, 2017


When can I find out who is speaking at Life@Work?

We will release more information on the speaker lineup for Life@Work closer to the event.

Where can I submit an entry to speak at Life@Work?

If you’re interested in speaking please reach out to for more information!

Interested in volunteering at Life@Work?

Please send an email with your availability and a little bit about why you want to volunteer to We will get back to you within 24 hours.